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Massive Abuse in Suo Oshima (Case of Maejima's Shrine)

Markov2097-INGMarkov2097-ING Posts: 91 ✭✭✭

I came across the following nomination during my review.

Title of the Wayspot:黄幡神社(前島)


City: 周防大島町前島

Country: 日本

The applicant has posted a 360-degree photo, and I notice something odd there.

The shrine applied for is almost next to a small shrine next to it that has already been approved.

So surely this submission is too close to the game to be rejected, but the location information nominates a position directly behind, and intentionally far away from, the 360-degree photo.

If this is the only reason, it may look like a simple accidental nomination, but if you look into the past of the photographer of this 360-degree photo, you will find that he is a habitual offender.

Almost always, he deliberately pulls away from the correct position for fear of being rejected by the game for being too close.

He has repeatedly applied and been reviewed, even though his account has been disposed of many times in past reports. It is as if one person has multiple accounts. I've heard people in and around the area say that they actually have four. It's a lot of work, but if we don't investigate these things, the quality of spots in the surrounding areas will continue to decline.

Thank you for your time.



  • SturmRugerLCR-PGOSturmRugerLCR-PGO Posts: 106 ✭✭✭

    Let me add a comment as well. The proposer in question has already been punished more than a few times, yet he repeats his proposal without pause. He is probably the only person who has made POI proposals on the islands in this vicinity. Because of this, trainers and agents in the vicinity are beginning to think that even if the NIA takes action against him for his fraudulent suggestions, he will not be reinstated immediately or have his account suspended. There must still be very few cases in Japan where so many disciplinary actions have been taken.

    The following links are to cases of fraud that were not mentioned in the text.

    The numerous links above describe the injustices he has done. As has already been pointed out, he has repeatedly proposed deliberately misplaced locations for the purpose of increasing the number of pokestops. Some locations have been set up in the woods where there is no path, or on quays with large steps. If left unchecked, there is a high possibility that a major accident will occur in the vicinity someday and the NIA will be sued and held responsible.

    As an agent, I'm more concerned about someone else getting hurt or having an accident than I am about him being able to play freely. Even if that were not the case, there were quite a few people investigating this case, and a huge amount of time was spent on it.This is for the selfishness of just one person.

    I think it would be better to suspend his account and let him know what happens when he repeats his selfishness. If this continues, the other malicious proposers will repeat the same thing elsewhere with impunity.

    I have been struggling to write this sentence for many times already. My colleagues who did the research are also very exhausted. I'm sure you're fed up, too. I am truly sorry and grateful. Thank you very much.


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