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Invalid Wayspots AU

Was doing a heap of wayfarer submissions and I had this one that caught my attention:

Naturally I looked around on street view and no houses or fences/roads etc matched neither did the other 3 wayspots match. Street view says march 2020

The new submission:


Grey Budgie Bird


A Bird Mural In Park Ridge South


this will allow local players enjoy the game from home or their neighbourhood

The 3x already approved submissions...

Black And Yellow Chirper


Grey And White Budgie Bird


two birds one branch



New fake one

City:  Park Ridge South 

Country: Australia, Queensland

Photos to support your claim:

no matching red/corrugated roofs

Street view of the location of submission

further up the road... benefit of the doubt..

Additional information:

This was 2nd or 3rd time I have had a submission for the same street and presumably the same person...

Yeah I don't live near but unless they did major earthworks and redoing the road and houses. I'll call these fake...

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