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Incorrect deletion: the portal "Беседка Отдых" Khimki

Title of the Wayspot: Беседка "Отдых"


City: Khimki, Russia

Good day to all!

Please restore the wrongfully deleted "Leisure Gazebo" portal

For a more correct explanation of my position, I will cite as an example a thread on the forum of my opponents, who are trying to pass off this place as allegedly dangerous.

Please note that there are other portals marked in the same area, but they are not asked to be removed because both factions and several people each have access there. The picture is taken from the same thread from our opponents.

Using all the same pictures from the topic above, we can see that the portal is located away from the so-called dangerous facility in the recreation area for the plant employees directly next to the office building, which poses no danger.

Photographs confirming this:

I believe that this portal was removed purposefully and with the assistance of players with biased opinions who committed biased actions and deliberately misled Niantic employees to help remove this portal. I ask that the portal be restored to its former location as a matter of urgency. I also ask that action be taken against the people who had a hand in this deletion. 



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