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I keep getting 4 day "Cooldowns"

I keep getting 4 day "Cooldowns"  and this last time I wasn't even reviewing, I had walked away from my computer for an hour or so and came back to start reviewing again and I was locked down.

I do get a ton of 1 Star submissions so I am always worried that is why I am getting booted.

But I've been playing Ingress for 5 years and HPWU for 2 and feel pretty comfortable with the waypoint criteria. I also try not to review too quickly or keep doing the same thing over and over. But if we're gonna get penalized for leaving the page up too I don't see how we can win here.


  • aleprj-PGOaleprj-PGO Posts: 43 ✭✭

    I've never had this cooldown (yet). Only a 24h one on a day I failed to respect the 20min too many times (and I didn't know it could lead to a cooldown).

    I've already reviewed for hours straight, and I sometimes got a weird CAPTCHA that would stop the review after it's submited, but never a cooldown.

    Anyway, there's the suspicious that it's triggered by too many 1*'s. Maybe if people used more 2* (as it's still a NO) and 3* (a neutral) instead of 1* they wouldn't have this problem so much.

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