This feels like the "good old days" of Wayfarer

I like to complain about how broken Wayfarer is. So it's only fair for me to come on here and celebrate when WF is working well. The system has been so unbelievably bogged down for me in my area for months.

This Russia challenge seems to have broken the clog. I'm earning Upgrades at a rate I haven't seen since PGO players were first added to the system, back when you'd do enough reviews to stack upgrades. Even before getting the reward upgrades, I've earned 3 upgrades just from doing reviews over the last few days. Those have gotten me 3 new POI. I'm actually excited about WF again. I'm talking about it in my local discord, trying to get others reactivated.

Niantic, y'all got this challenge right. Please do more challenges like this!


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