Local portal missing

Just turned on my Ingress today to find my local portal/Pokémon gym is missing.

now I understand there is some work going on this week but I’m trying to find out if that’s the problem or someone has submitted it as an invalid Wayspot.

As we have a small community and not a lot of gyms and stops in the local area I’m quite worried about this edit.

Portal/stop is the Blairdrum centre in Glasgow G15 postcode area



  • fr34kz-INGfr34kz-ING Posts: 39 Ambassador

    If you have the portal key of the portal/gym, you can check them. If It said Scanner Communication Error than it's deleted from the map.

    If the portal key still exist, you can check where the new locations is by simply tapping at and checking it on the map. Sometime they also change the title of the portal/gym, but as long as you still the portal key, you can check the picture of the portal/gym.

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