Wayfarer Ban Appeal

Where can I appeal a ban from Wayfarer? I was perma banned from Ingress ages ago, the exact reason is still unknown but i'm assuming it was flagged for multi accounting when playing together with someone else, we were new at the time.

I was not given any strikes, and I'm ok with the Ingress ban, I didn't play it much at the time and was only level 4. What I am upset about is not being able to access wayfarer even though in Pogo i'm 100% in good standing and have never had any warnings of any kind. This has caused me to not be able to edit submissions, withdraw duplicates, and now it will prevent me from earning a future wayfarer badge i'm reading about.

I tried appealing through Ingress but get no reply, i'm assuming because it was so long ago? Can anyone help me? or is my level 40 pogo account with go fest and safari zone badges doomed to be treated like a leapur?



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