Submitting an Appeal on Behalf of Another Trainer/Agent

I have a question about who can submit an appeal for a rejected edit.

I have a friend who plays both Ingress and PoGo and has nomination/edit rights in both games. He submitted a location edit on a portal which was clearly misplaced by 15-20 feet, attempting to move the portal directly on to the IRL object (a trail sign). I reviewed the edit in Wayfarer and the edit seemed relatively straightforward as one of the markers was basically on top of the sign, visible from Street View. So I was surprised when the edit was rejected.

The result of this edit would have been the creation of a new stop in PoGo, as well as the creation of a new gym. The existing portal in Ingress was new within a few days and had been gray since its addition to the game, so there would be little effect in Ingress. As I only have edit rights in PoGo, I am unable to edit the portal myself, and he is not interested in submitting an appeal through the forum (he is generally uninterested in Wayfarer, but for a few select instances of correcting what appear to be errors in the game).

He sent me a screenshot of the rejection email, so I'm curious if I would be able to submit an appeal on his behalf. Obviously I would just submit the edit myself if I could, but the portal in question is stuck in Ingress purgatory due to poor placement.

Thanks in advance!



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