3 unfair duplicate photos

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Title of the wayspot: Campo da calcetto Malaparte / Rebora

Location: 41.808854, 12.479283

City: Rome

Country: Italy

Photo to support my claim:

Last august I proposed this wayspot and it got approved. Then, me and a friend of mine tried with the nearby Campo da calcetto Guareschi (41.809090, 12.477494). Unfortunately, some people voted the last one as duplicate of the first one 3 times. The problem now is that the Malaparte / Rebora one has 3 Guareschi's photos. Both of them are visible on google maps, and I uploaded 2 spheric photos on street view.

These 2 pitches have some differences, which can be easily found when looking at their spheric photos on street view:

Malaparte / Rebora: white posts, wall on one side, no gates behind posts

Guareschi: grey and round corner posts, no walls on side (just nets), gate behind posts

Malaparte / Rebora photo on street view: https://www.google.it/maps/@41.808803,12.4792752,3a,75y,102.7h,90t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipMBGcxrilyxwjY8V6urPuEUKvzP3vEn2Sgzw24r!2e10!3e11!6shttps:%2F%2Flh5.googleusercontent.com%2Fp%2FAF1QipMBGcxrilyxwjY8V6urPuEUKvzP3vEn2Sgzw24r%3Dw203-h100-k-no-pi-0-ya137.82652-ro0-fo100!7i10240!8i5120

Guareschi photo on street view: https://www.google.it/maps/@41.8090275,12.4774919,3a,75y,88.11h,90t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipNoH8uktxDCragU1-yDWFEOvzyUfPnnhnlpe58t!2e10!3e11!6shttps:%2F%2Flh5.googleusercontent.com%2Fp%2FAF1QipNoH8uktxDCragU1-yDWFEOvzyUfPnnhnlpe58t%3Dw203-h100-k-no-pi-0-ya293.4668-ro0-fo100!7i10240!8i5120

I kindly ask here to remove those 3 photos with grey posts from "Campo da calcetto Malaparte / Rebora" (the ones without thumb up on my photo here), since they refer to the other football pitch. Thank you so much!



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