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Unable to use the word "year" in Korea


As I submitted a candidate recently, I'd like to ask because I think the Korean word '년(nyeon)' is set as a banned word in the explanation box.

'년(nyeon)' in Korean are two ways.

First, it is attached to a specific year or number and used as a unit to count the years.

ex) 2021년 6월 -> June 2021

1년 반 -> 1year and half

Secondly, it is used as a slang to make women feel low.

What I want to ask is the problem when using the first meaning of '년(nyeon)'.

After '년(nyeon)' in Korea, other nouns are usually described after spacing.

ex) 1997년 제작(Made in 1997), 1년 후(A year later)

However, if you write an explanation like this, you cannot submit a candidate using banned words.

So I have no choice but to ignore the spacing and write it.

ex) 1997년 제작(Made in 1997) is not allowed, so write 1997년제작(Madein1997).

1년 후(A year later) is not allowed, so write 1년후(Ayearlater)

Please check it and request a correction.

The sentence may be a little strange because I used a translator.


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