Problems with the «Bad RagARTz» event as a case study

Recently, I've successfully managed to submit some Sculptures installed on the occasion of this year's Bad RagARTz ( But there are three major problems.

First: Last week, the very first Sculpture related to the event «Bad RagARTz» 2021 I've submitted so far that showed up appears to have been moved to a location ~420m away from where it was where I submitted the Wayspot (View from new location / View from old location) by the time it went through the reviews. (Name of the Objekt: "Cattedrale d‘Acciaio")

Moving the Wayspot/Pokéstop to the place where the sculpture stands now would require at least 5 successful new position proposals for it to be where it should be. In addition comes the risk that it'll most likely be covered by another object on the way there. Even without that risk it'd take at least a season for this waaay too laborious action and — looking at the 2nd Problem I'm going to mention — would for sure take 1, 2 years or more.

I'm almost compulsively trying to keep the in-game world (Pokéstops and Gyms) as live time accurate as possible. That requires submitting Objects as soon as possible after they are installed (=>Problem 3). But that also requires reporting in-game Objects that have been 'irreversibly' removed in the Real World. But here comes problem Nr. 2:

Even though maaany many Sculptures and other objects were removed (often more than 3) years ago (especially in Bad Ragaz where most Sculptures are being bought and removed after the every-2-or-4-years-reccuring Event «Bad RagARTz»). But even though I repetitively report such objects over and over again, our reports keep being falsely denied in most cases, no matter what we try (and another torrent of 'denials' have just arrived in my mails while I was preparing this post):

I guess it would really help if we could deposit a proof pic when reporting an object for any reason. I mean if there is any kind of discord or even a "war" between 2 or more players, they could just start to report Objects near the opposing parties' locations of activity and enjoy some Objects being falsely removed just due to lack of proof and disproof (even though this hypothetical scenario is a very unlikely extreme case. But something like this *could* really happen — somewhere).

The following map (from the official glossary book from Bad RagARTz 2021) shows the planned location of all Sculptures and Objects *added* this year (which stand at least 'till the end of October this year). The red arrow shows where the object [72] I've mentioned before is moved to (namely right next to [6]).

Apart from me, there are only 2 other active players remaining in Ragaz (at least with which I at least could successfully make contact with) one of is not at all involved in any Wayfarer Stuff and the other one also not really being into it yet as well.

Now coming to the third problem which — happily or sadly — only concerns few locations around the world: The mass appearing and disappearing of objects for example during events like #BadRagARTz and the resulting lack of possible Wayfarer interaction;

Overall, about 130 new Sculptures were added via #BadRagARTz (=> Map above). Assumed that about 50% of the objects is covered by another object that is already existing ingame, in view of the cooldown of 14d for 7 submissions and the circumstance that I sometimes have to skip a weekend due to bad weather conditions, it would take me about half a year to go through all sculptures. And by then, a great part of the sculptural constellation will already be about to be dissolved.

In addition, it's the case sometimes that reports of removed Objects are being accepted but for some reason, they — so far — all came in 'groups', causing to leave great holes, sometimes in popular CDay routes (which I'm really sorry for) which sometimes can't be 'restocked' for months. Many local players obviously get really mad about that :/

(Apart from the fact that we really aren't "many")

That's basically everything I wanted to say.

In-game: Trummler12 (just in case someone authorized to do so wants to check out my Wayfarer Nominations so far or whatever)


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