Game-centric appeal references in Wayfarer Forum

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Wayfarer is a unified forum for all players of all games across the Niantic Real World Platform. However, for the responses in each of the appeals, there needs to be consistency across each response. So I've put down some neutral responses, rather than just using game-specific terms such as agent/trainer and portal.

For example, in this Location edit, it mixes the two games together:

  • Appeal Accepted- Thanks for the appeal, Trainer. Based on the evidence provided, we’ve moved the Portal to the correct location.

Another location edit where there is an invalid appeal, also mixing the games together. I'm not sure how people can submit edits via Wayfarer:

  • Invalid Appeal- Thanks for the appeal, Trainer . It looks like we haven’t gotten to this request yet or it hasn’t been submitted via Ingress Prime/Wayfarer; at this time, we only take appeals to overturn decisions we’ve already made.

In the particular example above, Niantic references "we haven't gotten to this request yet" and that they "only take appeals to overturn decisions we've already made". This reference should rather reflect the fact that it is the player community who are the ones reviewing proposed edits.

If an Ingress agent is making the appeal, it makes sense as the reference is still the same. But just changing trainer at the beginning mixes things up. The Niantic response at the end should be neutral, using Wayfarer-centric terms, as well as reflecting those who are reviewing these edits. Ideally the following coined responses:

  • Appeal Accepted - Thanks for the appeal, @username. Based on the evidence provided, we’ve moved the Wayspot to the correct location.
  • Appeal Accepted - Thanks for the appeal, @username. We gave this a second look and decided to retire the Wayspot in question.
  • Invalid Appeal - Thanks for the appeal, @username. It looks like this request hasn't been submitted or the player community has not yet reviewed this yet; at this time, we only take appeals to overturn decisions already made.
  • Appeal Denied - Thanks for the appeal, @username. We took another look at the Wayspot in question and decided that it does not meet our criteria for edit at this time.

Other remarks:

  • Putting the response in bold makes it much more easier to see the decision. I also spaced out the hyphen.
  • Tagging the user who requested the appeal notifies them and allows them to refer back to the review through the notification. This stops having to look through one's previous discussions and seeing whether there is a Niantic tag on it. Addressing them by username makes it personal as well.
  • I did think about using the general coined term of wayfinder, but it didn't seem to sit well with me.

Call me pedantic (I really am actually), but I really would like to see the community side and aspect of the Niantic forums being utilised to their full advantage and taking a neutral stance, being accommodating across all games and all future games. Imagine introducing Wayfarer edits to someone who exclusively players Wizards Unite, saying "Thanks for the appeal, wizard" and then referencing a Portal.

Anyway, hope you might consider this. Thank you very much!

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