nomination improvement

Hi guys!

I' ve submitted 3-4 times this nomination, but always rejected. I think its eligible, because its a cafeteria/bakery founded in 1989, where you can socialize and have a good coffee/deserts. Please, is it really ineligible? I am almost giving up :(

This is a link for its location from google maps:,-46.6348712,3a,75y,192.89h,92.88t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sVFdf4tI7AD4cUnD6Kpqxkg!2e0!!7i16384!8i8192

And this are the reasons that are ineligible for some reviewers.

I have taken a photo at night since it has a luminous sign but got rejected too.

Please, how can i improve this nomination to get it accepted (if it is eligible)?

Thanks for your attention!


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