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In light of recent events, I think "." would have been a more appropriate rejection reason than "Does not meet criteria".

Any suggestions or feedback? I am at a loss. It was not upgraded.

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    I took a look at the website. You might have better luck mentioning their tours. Guided tours will help you by showing the exploration part for the qualification.

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    I tried to submit something similar a while ago and had it rejected for url. I see your sign also shows the phone number and website, is there a way you can photograph it without this specific sign?

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    fyi for me as a reviewer, you are wasting supporting information space with the request to "please click/tap". sometimes it works and the box pops up, but usually it does not. so i usually try to keep my supporting info to 200 characters.

    personally, i would move "a kayak trip ... since 2012" to the description in place of what you put there. then leave the rest in the supporting information. except, i would lead with meets criteria for "exploration and exercise"

    i think it is a good idea to get a close up of the sign that avoids the pole in front and the website/phone number on the right for the nomination photo. i had to do a similar close up for a volleyball court sign to leave off the url.

    please resubmit, and good luck. i think this should definitely be a wayspot, but businesses are notoriously hard to get through voting.

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