Mural in 24-Hour Gym

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For my life I cannot figure out why this keeps on getting rejected for private residential property and explicit content when it is a commercial gym.

I don't know what else to say apart from it being in a gym but pedestrian access is a pathetic reason, and it is absolutely not residential in nature at all, and once again it is getting the dumb as explicit content I don't see any inkling of explicit content like COME ON.

Help me please.


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    Trying to explain the reasons: people could think the mural was not accessible behind the equipment and could have thought inside a gym was not an appropriate place to have a wayspot. For the private property rejection, check Google Maps and see if it looks like private property there. For example, if the gym is recent construction on what used to be farmland - we have that a LOT around here - you need to address that in your supporting information. You may need to take a photosphere with Street View app and place it here to convince people the mural exists where you pinned it. I wish I could copy and paste that link to the instagram, but I couldn't Google the link to the photo. I did see a lot of risque photos on the artist's link, but I don't think that should have affected the rejection.

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    As cyndiepooh-ING wrote, check how it looks like on map view, all your rejecetions are related to location, so maybe it's not visible as gym on map view. As it's indoor nomination, adding photosphere would definetly help too, so people would see it for sure.

    I checked link to instagram you posted, and mural is not visible on it at first glance.

    Here is link for others if they want to check it:

    Your link take reviewers to gallery of 4 photos, and at least for me these photos don't move, you must select the next one manually. Your mural is the second photo on gallery, first is photo of artist with the most known basketball players and it's the only one people see after getting on this page.

    If people don't notice it's a gallery of photos and not single photo, they won't see your nomination on next photo. I don't use instagram, so maybe it looks different if you're log in, but I just wanted to let you know how it looks like from clicking on link.

    Maybe mentioning in support text that it's visible on second photo on your link might help :)

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    Saw that the other day and thought it looked cool. The location looks good, I remember the pin being on top of a gym in Google Maps.

    The only thing that I found odd was that the link provided went to an Instagram photo of some dude standing in front of another mural (a basketball related one if memory serves correctly?). But I scrolled down and could see that the person was doing other murals, though couldn't spot the Serena Williams one. Didn't care though, it looked like a good nomination that was in the correct spot.

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    Ok, so this is the location on Google Maps:

    It's next to a Starbucks, Oporto and 7-Eleven, one of those fast food/convenience complexes with a lot of parking spaces nearby. Strive Fitness is marked on Google Maps. How it got the private residential property rejection makes me wonder the IQ of these reviewers.

    This is the complex of the building. Essentially it is just a dentist, the gym, and a grocery store underneath. No signs of houses anywhere. I know too many people are way too particular about indoor nominations not being accessible, but when you're referring to the location reasons, they are absolutely bogus. I've never heard of someone say gym equipment blocks pedestrian access, and the two excuses of private residential property and **** activities were voted by dumb donkeys.

    It did not say that there was insufficient evidence that it was in the incorrect location or could not be found. These alone should have been good enough. We're just forced to accept that the majority of people would rather accept other things and murals like these are garbage and that these should never be upgraded.

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