Please reconsider letting us reset Bonus location after Russia!

My daughter and I participated in the Russia challenge and really enjoyed it. But the "rule" that you were supposed to change Home location instead of Bonus was NOT obvious. Now it seems that we are SOL and stuck with this bonus location for a year. From other threads, it's clear we're not the only ones.

Niantic, please consider opening up bonus location reset for anyone who participated in the Russia challenge! Even if you only blanket open it up for 48 hours, what's the harm? I can understand you don't want to manually reset people. Just open it for anyone who participated so we can reset ourselves.

My argument is that the "rule" was NOT clear. In the Announcement for the Russia challenge, it said:

"Eligible wayfinders in Russia or those who review Russian Wayspots (via your home/bonus location) can participate..."

It DID go on to say "we will be reducing the cooldown periods and increasing the limit to change your hometown settings..." But after the first statement above that DOESN'T make it clear that we could ONLY reset home location.

In a different announcement thread entitled "Bonus Resets leftover from the India Wayfarer Challenge," @NianticCasey-ING DID say "please note we won't be resetting bonus locations for the Russia challenge as we've temporarily relaxed the limitation on Hometown locations so people can make this change themselves." The problem here is I did not even read that thread because I didn't participate in the India challenge and did not think that thread was relevant to me or would include such critical information!

Again, not asking for you to individually reset all of us, but just opening up the ability for us to reset Bonus like we could for hometown...even if it's just a small window of time, would be gratefully appreciated.


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