Really upset about not receiving rewards

I reviewed about 15-20 of Russian wayspots nominations during the Russia Wayfarer Challenge. I followed all instructions, setting my hometown location in Moscow and reviewing about 100-150 nominations (only about 15-20 in Russia, but enough to receive the rewards).

Then I received no rewards. I wrote to the in-game support with my Pokemon Go account and they replied to me like I was stupid, as if I was asking for rewards while I didn't join the challenge. But of course I did, as I said before.

Many friends of mine had the same issue, only one of a group of 8 people received the rewards. I'd like to have them, expecially the Wayfarer upgrades.

It's not fair that someone riceived the rewards, while others did not. I'm really upset about this. Pokémon Go is becoming more buggy every day and Niantic seems not interested in fixing it, ignoring the community feedbacks (some also pretty important, like the new problems for epileptic players). At lest give us what you promised, after we worked for free to make this game better for everyone.


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