SIECA (invalid waystop appeal)

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Nomination: SIECA

Location: zone 14, Guatemala City

Country: Guatemala

Hi everyone!

I think reviewers in my city are blocking the creation of new poke stops in this area. I have submitted three nominations which meet all the criteria and all of them have been rejected for invalid reasons. This one in particular is the most unfair rejection. The suggestion was the building of the Secretariat for Central American Economic Integration (SIECA as per the acronym in Spanish), which you can perfectly see in Google maps and street view, does not interfere with any emergency services, is not a private residence or school, the title, description and picture were of excellent quality, etc.

The rejection reasons used were: 1. the photo is watermarked (whatever that means???) and 2. The location is not accurate…but the place is on both Maps and street view! You can actually try it yourself.

I’m attaching the rejection email (in Spanish) and the photo. About the latter, it shows the exact name of the place and you can actually see similar pictures online if you look for it in Maps…I honestly don’t know how there could be any doubts.

I’m also attaching a picture of the area in Pokémon Go so you can see there are no poke stops nearby, which is funny because there are many places with poke stop potential. Can anyone kindly help?


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