Why is this denied?

Can someone please tell my why this is denied?

I’ve got an e-mail that said: “nomination appears to be a natural feature (waterfall, mountain, lake, etc.) that is not connected to a man-made object”

But I already said these are man-Made

ramparts from 1678… How much more historical can it get? 🤔

Thanks for the feedback!


  • Kasparos347-PGOKasparos347-PGO Posts: 204 ✭✭✭
    edited June 2021

    (Kan in Nederlands als je wilt, maar ik doe het ff zo zodat andere niet Nederlands sprekenden hier ook in het Engels op kunnen reageren, kwam zelf niet langs deze nominatie). It might not be obvious for the reviewers thats this is about the 'Vestingen' from your Wayspot-photo. I think I would approve this nomination, but I would try to show what your especially trying to nominate, as the reviewers might be focussed at the middle object in the photo showed, honestly, I agree. It could also be, cause I don't see the streetview. Edit: Looking at the streetview, I would take the photo from where it shows the 'Vestingen' going alongside the water, try to get as much of the wall in the photo! It's not the most special wall itself, so showing something more of the wall would be a good improvement for the reviewers.

  • PersianCallisto-PGOPersianCallisto-PGO Posts: 7 ✭✭

    I tried sending in another photo and leave the water out. But I don’t think the photo is clear enough now? Very difficult place to photograph..

    Hopefully it’s accepted this time.. :)

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