Wayfarer Anniversary Event - What do you want to see?



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    Not every tree or rock, but remarquables natural places (river crossing a trail, entrance of a forest even without sign, etc...) would be great candidates. The idea is to allow more things to be eligible outside cities. Niantic's games should not be reserved to cities' players.

    Here, named trail are referenced on trail map... But not always on the internet. Markers are documented, but even with this document: https://www.club-vosgien.eu/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/12554_Affiche_Club_Vosgien_A4_GB.pdf (english version here) trail markers are rejected too often. Sign are simple, yes, but they are in forest, the most of them are outside cities and villages... There is plenty of argument to think it's real trail markers, but no, REJECTED, REJECTED, REJECTED, despite it's clearly eligible.

    Niantic just have to take actions against false rejections for trail markers. When they will do that, i'm sure we will get less false rejection, and wayfarer will become better.

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    Right now we re getting every tree or rock submitted unfortunately, I see at least a dozen each day. Not a fan of the entrance of a forest either, because your picture would also just be a set of trees, not an actual item to pinpoint.

    If you wish to have rivers, you'll get streams that aren't noteworthy at all. The goal is to have points of interest that people wish to travel to and discover. Small streams in forests are not like that. Also without an item to link the Wayspot to, people could nominate the same river 100 times, each time using a different Cell, because "they are eligible".

    For Trail Markers, also remember to provide evidence of the location - there is way too much abuse going on in woods and fields, by not proving the signs are where you say they are. Unfortunately, my personal experience with Wayfarer Reviewers in France has been "Approve everything, place the pin 10m or more away from the item to generate a new Pokéstop, share your nominations to be sure everyone blindly approves it, etc" (Based on several Facebook groups).

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    I don't agree with you on natural point. For me it's much more interessant to have a river as a POI, even a small one in forest than hundreds of painted wall in cities. And if Niantic limit river as a POI only for the source of the river And when the river cross a trail (or when there is a bridge), the problem of "a POI every 10m" won't exist.

    Forest are more complex. The funny fact is that forest are currently eligible according to the rules, but are also a natural feature so ineligible... I'm sure Niantic could find a way to allow POI in forest. Entrance of a forest is in my opinion the best way to do that because it's easely reconizable.

    For Trail marker, everytime i submit a trail marker, i make a photosphere. Even with a photosphere, i get rejection everytime for trail marker. Some examples:

    Some of them are better than other, but all of them where rejected despites they are perfectly eligible according to the rules.

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    I like that!! A good idea indeed! We deserve more than one of those little rascals. 🤣 I also agree with @Nadiwereb-PGO. The mess needs cleaned up

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    I don’t think I mentioned my wants on here so;

    • Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to be able to nominate POI (level 60) and join Wayfarer to review (level 40)
    • A Wayfarer team AMA, and roadmap for 2022
    • An in-game item for anyone with over a certain amount of reviews (Wayfarer Pin hat/shirt on Pokémon GO, Wayfarer Pin avatar on Ingress)
    • Wayfarer Community Advocates (or whatever they decide on calling it) update
    • An open thread from Niantic staff on how to improve Wayfarer, which is then closed off after a week, where the team can then post what action has been taken (it is fine if no action is taken on some points, but at least say why you can’t)
    • Double submissions for a week that aren’t depleted if not used.
    • Double points for review
    • Some free upgrades for all!
    • Your favourite Nomination sounds great too, like My Favourite Portal.
    • Also, the Wayfarer team should have some cake when they can go into the office 🍰
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    Apologies @NianticTintino I am just landing any old threads at your “desk” now that we have had during the interim between @NianticCasey-ING doing other work and you coming on board. Appreciate if you could review this and discuss with the team about some kind of Wayfarer Anniversary Event in September/October?

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