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Lack of reviews - Bonus location and all areas

Blaumut-INGBlaumut-ING Posts: 379 ✭✭✭✭


Since the end of the Russian Challenge (16/06/2021), Wayfarer only proposes nominations from my home location and the gameplay location. No more reviews from my bonus location.

I asked locals and other agents that are reviewing in the same area, and they still receive nominations, so the queue is not empty.

Hereafter the answer from the support on Sunday 20/06/2021. Could you check what is wrong ?

Other agents have the same issue; they dont even have any nomination to review no matter which of the 3 areas (gameplay, bonus or home). They play in France, were the queue is really long, with nominations still in review for a year.

Hereafter the message that they receive.

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  • jar006-INGjar006-ING Posts: 3 ✭✭

    I got same issue. No new candidates to review at all. I have only bonus location assigned. No home location. Before I havent had any problems. My friend has also only bonus location set to same location that I have and friend is still having something to review. So where is the problem. Few days ago my bonus location was emptied, dont know if it was because Russian Challenge. I added bonus location but still dont get anything to review.

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