About abusive re-nominations

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Hello, Remember this invalid wayspot appeal?

Last time I was approved for this deletion.

Therefore, I also removed the 360° photo with no worries.

However, the nomination, which was placed under false pretenses, was submitted to Wayfarer again.

They set up a temporarily placed shrine that clearly does not match the foundation, and the size of the Jizo and shrine do not match at all.

This player can be considered extremely malicious.

Therefore, all of this player's applications (including those that were denied) need to be re-examined.

Also, while I can usually spot such low-quality disguises, I suspect that there is a Wayfinder community that scores them distinctly differently than others.

Therefore, I would like to see a detailed investigation.

Sorry for the blurry 360° photo, but it suddenly started raining. But the location is the same.

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