A spot with your real name on it

This is a submission I found during the screening process.

Title of the Wayspot:琉斗


I got suspicious and enlarged the image of the spot.

Then I found the following description on what Jizo was wearing.

"I named my child Ryuto, born on October 19, 2015.

This is called a child-raising Jizo, and is worshipped in many parts of Japan.

When a child is born, an apron with the child's name written on it is dedicated to pray for the healthy growth of the child.

In other words, Ryuto is a real person, which is a remarkably inappropriate title for the spot.

There seems to be no problem with this editing suggestion itself.

However, when we reviewed this, we didn't realize that there was a problem with the current spot name and mistakenly submitted it as abuse. It is safe to neutralize it.

It is possible that there was malicious intent when this spot was submitted, so I would like you to investigate that.

If the submitter of this edit is the same person as the applicant of the spot, then there is no need to punish this.

Best regards.



  • Hi @Markov2097-ING! We have reviewed the report and have taken action on the 2 Wayfinders in accordance with our policies. While we are unable to discuss our actions in detail to protect the submitter’s privacy, they may include, but are not limited to, sending a warning message, placing restrictions on their Wayfarer, Pokémon GO, or Ingress account, putting their account on probation, or placing a temporary or permanent suspension on their Wayfarer, Pokémon GO or Ingress account. Thanks for helping us maintain the quality of the Wayspots.

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