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Wayfarer Upgrades Stuck

59gretsch-ING59gretsch-ING Posts: 3 ✭✭

I have two upgrades (so far) that have been sitting in upgrade status at minimum one week and maximum 2 weeks. One shows to still be in queue and the other in voting. They are parts 5&6 of a 6 part story trail with parts 1-4 having been upgraded and gone through within 24 hours of upgrading. Is there an issue with the system? I have multiple submissions that are over a year old as well that never seem to go anywhere unless and until I upgrade them. I am guessing it is mostly due to lack of reviewers in the Nashville area, but know that other submissions within 100 miles of my location going through within a one to two week period. Any help with why these are stuck would be appreciated.

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