Is it really this easy to delete portals?

In this week, three portals have been removed in a small area where I live. It is definitely rare that those portals were Gyms on Pokémon GO, so I assume those reports were intentionally made to obtain a gym in benefit of a few only. Besides, those POIs were attractive, permanent murals located in the street, so it was rather easy to access.

Then I was wondering is it really that easy to remove POIs from Niantic games? I mean, certainly there were a few users (if not only one) who reported the gyms and now they have a gym in a location that doesn’t exist anymore.

How many reports are enough to take the case of deleting a portal, what is the criteria to delete it and does NIANTIC staff really follow that criteria? Because it seems to me they take the reports and solves it as fast as possible without considering the proper measures.

And finally, one of the things that made me so upset about this concern is that it was ME who created the POIs deleted, taking lot of MY time, passing through a tedious process of reviewing to obtain an upgrade and let my nominations go into voting. If they were accepted according to the majority of reviewers, why would it be so easy to delete them. I’m utterly disappointed about this as a wayfinder and as a Niantic customer, and totally disencouraged to keep on participating on the reviewing process as so many others who already left.


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