Please remove 24h recharge times penalties

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I started reviewed recently very carefully the requests of wayspots, I am even classed as "Super" on the profil performance (the maximum at the right), when suddendly "We detected abnomalies in your verification behaviour, you will be able to continue verifying in 24h".

What kind of joke is that? Your algorithm is clearly broken because I review carefully, never write the same elements as issues or validating, just started and already 21 of my reviews was found the same by someone else and accepted, 9 were refused.

How do I have abnomalies when other persons find the same as me? 24h waiting is awful, there should be no punitions of any kind. Really, Niantic, None. The requests are already requested by multiple players so if a player do a mess the one passing behind him/her can correct it.

Stort automatizing everything and giving all power tho that "abnomaly bot" because it seems clearly broken.

At least decrease your penalty time to only 2h because right now it is non justified and annoy ton of players, making them disgusted of reviewing and growing angriness toward your company.

Thank you Niantic, thanks yo your stupid system, I can't do anything during 24h, can't approve awesome peoples suggestions, approving a pokestop in a town thta has none, bring joy in the life of other players. You should be ashamed.

I can't switch between 5 stars, 4 stars and 3 stars on different reviews if each time the GPS point is perfectly placed. I can't put more than 1 star when the image is just a dog poop. I can't accept a request that is in private residential.... I Can't note other than 5 for a detailed interesting description. I can't say okay when there isn't any by foot access. I can't say okay when the request has no interest of any kind.

So stop ruining my job and your job by putting random penalities.

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