The application is covered with "KEEP OUT" tape. (Case at Iwanuma City)

Hi, @NianticGiffard .

I saw an application that deliberately tried to Wayspot an off-limits object.

Title : 藤棚

City:Asahi 1-chome Park, 1-chōme-2 Asahi, Iwanuma, Miyagi-Pref.


In Japanese, the word "藤棚" means wisteria trellis.

I will try to translate the text here in Japanese into English.

Supplementary information



I applied for this place as it was not yet a pokestop.

Also, when I submitted it last time, I submitted "pavilion" instead of "wisteria trellis" and it was rejected.

So I applied this time to correct that as well.

Google Street View

A friend of mine has done some field work on the site and has obtained some photographs which, with his permission, are shown below.

The subject is not a "wisteria trellis" as the applicant states.

You have two dilapidated wooden benches in a row.

And have you noticed?

The object is surrounded by yellow tape.

This is the yellow tape that indicates "keep out".

If you look at the application again here, you will see that yellow tape has already been placed on the benches to indicate that they are off-limits when the applicant applies.

The yellow tape is twisted, but the top half of this string is legible.

In Japanese, the word "立入禁止" means "keep out" in English.

And if you look at the IITC for the location of the application, you will see that Wayspot is already ONLINE for this park.

In other words, there is no point in bothering to apply for this application object, which is marked with yellow '立入禁止(mean "keep out")' tape.

I am personally aware that the area around Iwanuma City in Miyagi Prefecture is an area to watch out for, as it has been the scene of a series of Wayspot abuses.

Please could you investigate this applicant?



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