Pokeparadas para go fest 2021


Necesito saber si existe la posibilidad de instalar pokeparadas o gimnasios para el go fest 2021 ya que compré el tiket pero donde lo voy a jugar hay solamente 1 pokeparada .y e observado que en algunos comunity day habían pokeparadas patrocinadas . Ojalá puedan ayudarme

Muchas gracias



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    I need to know if there is the possibility of installing poke stops or gyms for go fest 2021 since I bought the ticket but where I am going to play it there is only 1 poke stop. And I observed that in some community days there were sponsored poke stops. Hope you can help me

    Thank you”

    This isn’t a Pokémon GO forum. If you want to add Waypoints/POI to an area you will need to nominate some. Sponsored Waypoints will be sorted by a separate Niantic process. Maybe play elsewhere for the event if possible?

  • Hey there! Since the topic is not related to Wayfarer, I am going to close the thread. Please reach out to our in-app support through the Pokémon GO app or Twitter (@NianticHelp) to get help on your query. Thank you for your understanding.

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