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Nominations at the entrance of school grounds

I've recently reviewed a few nominations where the POI was either on a school driveway, or on the school fence immediately outside the main pedestrian entrance. The submitter argued that because it wasn't technically on school grounds, it's not K-12.

Looking at the PRP guidance, we are told that "nominations should be rejected if their real-world location appears to be on private, single-family residential property or might encourage people to go onto private property (e.g., because the real-world location is at the end of a private driveway)."

Should we also be applying this kind of logic to schools and other forms of childcare? To reject if it may encourage people to go onto the school's property?

I can envisage many scenarios where having a Wayspot on a school driveway or entrance would cause problems, is there any guidance on this that I've missed?

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  • Dazzz123456-PGODazzz123456-PGO Posts: 301 ✭✭✭

    If it's not on the school grounds it's a yes from me. Alot of small villages here have a lot of worthy way points near the schools as that is where people are congregating. I dont see why anyone would not accept stuff near a school it's not what niantic say so why even question it.

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