Safety Shelter?

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My cell phone is broken until I get it fixed or replaced. I have been reviewing more than usual. During the past week, I found a Tornado Shelter #2 that had been nominated. I live in Arkansas. That borders Oklahoma and Texas or Tornado Alley. What I found was odd was Tornado Shelter #3 already existed in the system. Is a tornado shelter not the same thing as a safety shelter? When I sent the email to Niantic to have a Wayspot modified or removed, I was told that Niantic has had no complaints about this but will be glad to communicate with the property owners. You do recall my phone cannot be used. I could walk to the location except that is more than 200 km me. Any feedback will be appreciated.


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    Some simple feedback: Guidelines for acceptable wayspots have changed countless times over the years. There are things in the games that qualified under an earlier set of rules but wouldn't qualify now. For the most part Niantic doesn't review these except in some cases such as K-12 property, no safe pedestrian access, blocks emergency services.

    Also, reviewers aren't perfect. There are also things in the games that were approved by reviewers but shouldn't have been. Similarly, Niantic doesn't tend to remove these except in limited cases.

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