Fake portals in Denderleeuw, Belgium. Part two.

Title and location of the wayspots:

Belledaal wandelpad:


Scriptrekkers wandel:


Belledaal wandelpad:


City: Denderleeuw

Country: Belgium

Additional information: I recently received information that new fake wayspots started to appear in Denderleeuw, Belgium. It only took me a few seconds to find them. They are all based around the same location where I found other abuse of the wayfarer system. You can find the thread on this location here:https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/discussion/16922/denderleeuw-belgium-wayspot-in-incorrect-location

The abuser went to even greater lengths this time to get his fake wayspots in the game, most likely stealing a trailmarker sign and placing it near his home. Let's take a look at some evidence.

The first fake wayspot is “Belledaal wandelpad”


Please notice the scratch marks to the right of the little red head and the red dot above the letter d. This will be important later on.

First of all, the Belledaal trail is nowhere near the position of the POI. You can find the trail on this website: https://www.alltrails.com/explore/map/belledaalwandeling--2?referrer=gpsies . On the picture below, the purple circle shows you where the fake wayspot is located.

I tried to look for the wayspot in google street view, but could not find it (because obviously, it does not exist). The sign was most likely attached to the pole on the right side of the road that you can see in the screen shot below.

Fake Wayspot number two is the “scriptrekkers wandel”. 


Again, this wayspot is not located on the route that you can find here: https://www.routeyou.com/nl-be/route/view/359646/fietsroute/schiptrekkersroute. (Secondly, it is a biking route. The title of the wayspot calls it “wandel”, meaning “walking.). The screenshot below shows where the wayspot is located and where the route passes through Denderleeuw. It is completely illogical to place a marker there. The black line shows the route of the trail, the purple circle the location of the wayspot.

I tried to look for the wayspot on street view, it's not there (because it's fake). A screenshot shows the most likely location of the fake wayspot. Again, this implies that a real marker was taken (stolen) from its location and placed on this street to get the wayspot approved. 

The third wayspot has the same name as the first one: Belledaal wandelpad.


Notice the same scratch marks and red dot that I mentioned in the beginning of this post? It's there again! This suggests again that the same marker was taken (stolen) from its real location and put in this place to get a wayspot nominated and approved. Streetview of this location confirms that this wayspot does not exist. It is also not on the official Belledaal Trail.

Please take appropriate action against these players going to the length of removing real trail markers from their real position just to get their submissions nominated and approved.

Thank you.



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