Dry Voting Areas IGNORED and disadvantaged by Nomination and Voting System. Please correct.

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I'm in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, played PoGo since launch and I'm a veteran of all previous games. The dry voting area problem is exasperated here as not only do we have few stops and gyms, we also have few players, though those who do play do so dedicatedly. This means that not only do I have many nominations pending, I am also not getting nominations to review, as the low number of stops/gyms mean that getting to the required level takes 10 times as much effort here, as opposed to high stop/gym density areas, hence we gave few submitters and even fewer evaluators. Niantic NEEDS to allow low voting density areas to get their stops with less reviews, as we have less reviewers. Maybe atleast allowing people outside our dry area to review our submission(maybe make photospheres a requirement to keep fake nominations out) would solve it all in one stroke. In a city of 6 million with barely 15 stops/gyms, it took me well over a year of intensive play to make it to lvl 40, and I have reviews pending(voting) since November 2020, and I will have them in pending until November 2043 unless Niantic looks to widen it's consideration to areas that may give them less money due to low density of players. I understand Niantic is a business, but we're not asking for much, just a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T 😅

PLEASE take a look at this discrepancy Niantic. Thanks. Pokemon Go is not one of those Pay-To-Play games, one of it's best qualities. But when it comes to waystop nomination, those of us in dry voting areas are experiencing the same effects as if it were.


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