Clogging of Wayfarer and changes needed

I am a POGO eteran since day 1 and have also been heavily invested in Ingress over the past year. When the ability to submit new POIS came out in Pokemon i was all over it, finally a new way to increase the gym and pokestop count with what i thought were amazing nominations within my suburb's parks and reserves.

It started out well seeing as it was fairly new and I didnt want to waste my nominations so i spent hours thinking about the perfect things to nominate and thoroughly reviewing on Wayfarer. A year or so passed and i drifted from it a bit, i've recently started reviewing more and submitting more POIS on ingress too.

I have noticed an influx of rubbish nominations coming through from the POGO community with submissions labeled "a **** where the Pokemons can hang out" or "need more stops so trainers can catch them all" Etc.. have noticed I've been receiving the 3 day cool down more and more after rejecting so many of the **** submissions clogging the wayfarer reviews, at the moment for me it would be about 1 good nomination to 2-3 straight up rejections.

Niantic need to fix this issue by either lowering the number of players being able to make these reviews, making it mandatory to pass a intro course before you can submit stops or just straight up banning people after making many terrible nominations.

I have had nominations stuck in queue since September last year and i am beginning to think they will never go through, I am not sure if there is a reason for this or if they have just been held back from all the terrible submissions clogging the system within my state but whatever the cause Niantic MUST fix this.

Rant over


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    Hey @Syco0x-ING!

    Unfortunately Niantic don't care and don't do anything to elevate the education of reviewers and submitters. This has been an issue for a long time, but became increasingly prevalent when Pokemon Go was opened to nominations and when the regular AMA's stopped happening (when the former Ingress community manager, Krug, left). Submitters don't bother with the criteria, don't need to read anything and just tend to submit anything and everything they see. Most of these submitters don't review either, so they don't understand what kind of pain they are causing. Unfortunately, for the few reviewers we do have in Australia, this greatly diminishes the enthusiasm for reviewing. Plus a bunch of other issues last year (global red ratings, nothing to review bug, other errors and Niantic's apathetic attitude towards managing things or even communicating) has led to many people dropping Wayfarer entirely - which in turn with the mass of trash nominations, causes nominations to move very slowly (larger pool of nominations to review, less reviewers).

    I've got a few that are over a year old now, unfortunately the only way to get things to progress quickly is to review and apply upgrades to those nominations. Otherwise be prepared to wait forever for an answer on them.

    Happy to chat further on Discord if you have any questions :)

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