Why would sports fields in a sports complex be rejected?

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I’m curious as to why sports fields within a sports complex would be rejected when: all the pics are clear, each has a photosphere that shows the field number on a permanent object, all include a link to the complex map to show all the numbers and locations are accurate in the supplemental info, titles match the field numbers, descriptions include what makes each a valid candidate(which should be a no brainer because it’s a sports field).

Quite a few of my upgrades from the Russia event have been wasted because of this. Two were rejected as duplicates because fields 11 & 10 also have 11 North, 11 South, and 10 North, 10 South for different soccer leagues and are different sizes.




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    We had discussion about places like that not so long ago, and many people agreed that in case of so many exactly the same sports fields in one place not all of them can become a POI.

    You have 11 (or rather 13) soccer sports fields in one place (I said 11/13 because 4 smaller fields are sometimes made to be 2 big ones looking at your first picture). If there is so many similar things, they're become not visually unique, and should be treated as a group of fields for POI, not as individual field for each POI. If you had 11 different sports fields (one soccer, one basketball, one volleyball etc.) all of them could become a POI, but with 11 the same sports fields it's a bit too much.

    I think this is the location were talking about here: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Windlands+Park+Soccer+Complex/@32.0235334,-102.0953186,239m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x86fbd9fbea3a3fe7:0xf87fe836d10df850!8m2!3d32.0240247!4d-102.0949512

    I think I rather wouldn't accept all of them as one POI (that shows all of them as a group of fields for just one POI), but some reviewers would see it like that and wouldn't accept 11 separate POIs for each soccer field. It's just too many of the same sports fields, and it's really hard to see differences between them (without photospheres you/someone else added near goals it's impossible to see which field has which number for example). They also look a bit temporary at first glance (goals have wheels and not all of them seems to be permamently placed, looking at your screenshot goals for 10th and 11th sport field seems movable), and if they're not permamently in one place, it can also be reason for rejection.

    In my case I think I could accept 2-3 POIs of these fields at max, I would also chose it's a duplicate if I would see 10th field nominated when 9 others are already a POI. It's a group of the same fields, it should be treated as group. In most tennis courts there also is more than 2-4 courts and not all of them become a POI, as they're treated as a group.

    You also didn't show your full nomination screenshot, so it's hard to tell about some of other rejection reasons (as not relevant description etc.). I can agree that some are definetly random rejections, but maybe not all of them.

    TLDR: When you have so many exactly the same sports field in one place (there is 11/13 soccers fields in one place) they become treated as group of fields, not as individual fields, and not all of them can become a POI.

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    The first question I always have is do the fields have permanent infrastructure? Such as are they fenced in areas, are the goals permanent fixed into position, or do they have permanent viewing stands? If they have no permanent infrastructure, then they are not eligible.

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    I would be interested to hear what Niantic’s ruling on this would be because each sports field meets several of Niantic’s criteria for a highly qualified POI. There are a lot of places where sports complexes are pretty much all they’ve got; and this sort of reviewing would hurt small rural communities. In the past sports fields in complexes have been considered valid for these reasons and I’ve judged each nomination on their individual merits as opposed to the other POI around them. Knowing that you’ve specifically targeted this sports complex for rejections is also troubling. @NianticCasey-ING @NianticGiffard

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    The answer would be yes, all the goals are permanently placed. When they replaced the goals they drove in iron stakes with machinery that won’t be easily removed. However, they do not have stands for field maintenance purposes. Families generally bring folding chairs and other things for games and practices. There is one complex where they do have stands but those are also getting about a 50/50 acceptance/rejection rate. So far the soccer fields have been the sports fields that have had this much of a problem. There have been such issues with other sports fields in the region, but not nearly this bad.

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    I didn't target this sports complex for rejections, I showed link to be sure if we're talking about the same one..

    I'm not even from your country and I won't review yanything from your area. You asked for advice so I gave you one using your example (and some other examples too).

    I mentioned you that if they were 11 different sports fields they would be much easier to get accepted, and that so many the same fields can be considered a group and can be treated even as one POI (can be more, but definetly not all of them can become a POI).

    Look at it that way - it's a soccer field complex, there isn't anything but these soccer fields. People come here to play soccer, so even if you put each POI in the corner of each field you still might disturb people training here when you walk between each field to reach a POI. With just so many the same fields not all of them can become a POI, that how other reviewers can see it too.

    And I'm from rural area too. I also don't have many things to nominate, but I accepted it. Not all places can have big amount of POIs, I also have to travel to towns to play for real, but it's a part of game too - exploration. And it's quite fun part of playing too :)

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    If there are multiple fields of the same sport within the same complex then it would fail the "Unique" part, it's like the rule that in a golf course each hole can't be a wayspot.

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    Each has a unique number representing a unique field. The rule about golf was so people wouldn't go trespassing around a golf course, not because the holes are not unique.

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    Soccer fields are one of those weird grey areas that a lot of people would disagree on what considers permanent infrastructure or not.

    Soccer fields in parks often need special maintanence, turf, treating, etc to be used as soccer fields, even if the drawn lines and goal posts aren't up 24/7.

    I've found a good way to convey that the soccer fields exist is to use a park map as a supporting photo showing the soccer fields, and link to any online park maps/registration forms in the supporting info to further prove existence. IDK if the map OP is showing is from the official park or something they made, but it could be a good example of showing how the multiple fields exist.

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    That is the map from the city soccer league site that has field maps, it is also posted at the concessions stand. Here’s the link that I was posting so people could check and make sure everything is legit. I’ll also post a pic from the map at the concessions stand, although I wasn’t using it as a supporting pic because they duct taped it to the bricks instead of giving it a boxed in frame. They may do that later, but the area has started to find ways not to spend money until they’re sure the oil industry is going to be ok. They’re not canceling contracts for the most part yet, but they’re being cautious.


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    I usually go by if for soccer fields there are painted lines or not, in my experience they stick with these lines although it may be different in other areas. If there are 11 and you can easily show in pictures that each are different go for it. Some places have numbered goal posts 1 through what ever. The only time ive rejected sport fields is if they are right beside a school and j cant tell if its school property or not

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    Yeah, they all have painted lines. They’re very well maintained fields. Soccer has gotten very big out here since I was a kid. Football is still king, but the number of people playing soccer and the number of soccer leagues has been growing a lot.

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    A lot of this conversation is counterintuitive if you take the conversation away from a specific type of sports field and just apply it to sports field.

    Here's a different way to view it. Replace soccer field for baseball field. Nearly every baseball field gets approved, even in a complex with a dozen baseball fields in it. They are more easily defined as separate areas, as they will often have a fence but not always.

    Here's an example in our area. This has 11 baseball/softball fields and each one is a wayspot. Not a perfect apples to apples comparison as it also has other things that are POI (tennis courts, basketball courts, playground, skate park). But the logic is still sound. Each field is viewed on its own.

    This is how I look at soccer/football/lacrosse/multiuse fields. If the area are well marked out, conforms to standard/regulation size then they should be considered on their own and not part of an area.

    @Losifer026-ING For your case I think the "youth fields" would need to be considered one wayspot. I think fields 9, 10 and 11 can be considered separate wayspots. I think trying to get 11N and 11S and the same for 10N and 10S would be harder to sell. It would really depend on what the satellite image looks like.

    Best of luck.

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    Unfortunately the satellite overhead doesn’t match the layout anymore. It seems like they don’t update it more than every 2-4 years, and street view isn’t often a lot better, although the google car did come through awhile back and random things are updated and others aren’t. But that’s why when I started I’d check street view and overhead and make a photosphere if need be. That’s why I’m at 1,071 photospheres at this point lol. But knowing that nothing matched I did photosphere all the goals, which are numbered, and placed pins behind the goals so they wouldn’t be in the way, wouldn’t interfere with game play or block anyone’s view, but would still have the permanent object anchor.

    As for sports fields, I treat each field as it’s own POI and judge it on its own merits; which according to guidelines would be a highly qualified candidate. That is the most fair way to do it. Applying that consistently helps small, rural areas, and even though more densely populated areas may not have the same needs and a lot more dense POI areas; a filled in sports complex is still good and promotes being outdoors, exploring the area, fun and healthy activity, gathering with friends, families, and strangers alike, as well as sharing a meal or snacks with others. People tailgate at every sporting event here, and all the concessions stands sell hot dogs and nachos among other things and drinks. People invite friends and family from out of town and there are regional tournaments as well as state and local competitions for all age brackets. All that suggests that they are excellent candidates and should be treated the same as any other sports fields in any other sports complex because in essence they are the same.

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    Well, half my upgrades on the soccer fields have been wasted by rejection/duplicate rejection. If I didn’t have good reason to believe that these were valid nominations and within the rules I wouldn’t have nominated them. The community seems pretty split on this. If you guys could read through this thread and discuss this and let us know what you think with a clarification it would be greatly appreciated. @NianticGiffard @NianticAaron @NianticAaron

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    Well, checking around in other forums this seems to be a thing that really needs a clarification from Niantic. Many agree with me that soccer fields, and sports fields in general should be a highly rated candidate and an easy approval; but there are also quite a few that agree with the other people who shared their opinions. If we were having regular AMAs I’d ask there, but I haven’t seen any announcements. Currently we’ve got a massive pile in backlogs around the region, mine is getting close to 250 nominations marinating in wayfarer and many others here have pretty bad backlogs as well. It seems that the fields that go through normally have much better odds of making it than ones I upgrade so I guess I at least won’t use upgrades on soccer fields until this is sorted out.

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