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Nominations stuck in queue or voting for a long period of time

Appletalk-INGAppletalk-ING Posts: 1 ✭✭

I have two nominations that appear to be stuck. One was submitted in May 2020 and is still stuck in voting, I believe this is much too long and something has gone wrong with this submission causing it to not be accepted/denied.

I have a second submission from March 2021 which is still listed as "in queue" rather than moving onto "in voting", again I think this is a stuck/bugged submission.


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  • HopeaKotka-INGHopeaKotka-ING Posts: 39 ✭✭✭

    I have about 96 nominations that have been "in queue" or "in voting" status over a year (as today 16 July 2021).

    Oldest ones:

    2019-11-07   in queue
    2019-11-19   in voting
    2019-11-25   in voting
    2019-11-30   in voting
    2019-12-03   in voting
    2019-12-10   in voting

    I think these very long delays are causing even more overload and delays to Wayfarer voting system as more and more users may be submitting the same Portal nomination for review and reviewers are then doing voting for duplicate Portal nominations over and over again before nomination is handled (accepted or rejected) and this is overloading voting system even more...

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