OpenStreetMap was updated, but no spawns in area. Statements?

Hello All,

A place further from me, I have at that time 5 stops (2 arenas and 2 Pokestopps created, in a construction area.) But now that I have noticed that now the update for Openstreetmaps came, I had very strongly hoped that spawns finally come to this region.

The funny thing is, XM for Ingress players is there, but no Pokemon GO spawns, which of course makes me a bit sad.

Well yes I hope I can find/get an answer here vllt. Since there will be a few more stops in the region the question is when will the spawns get there. 

Note: The mons that are displayed are about 90-120m away from other stops.

Where I am standing here is a playground that was also drawn in Open Street Maps as Small Play Park

Thanks a lot until here.


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