Another Military Base clarification post

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@NianticCasey-ING many of these posts quote you saying that military bases are ineligible and submissions there should be 1*. I finally located this quote: "NianticCasey-INGAug 19, 2020

Hi there,

Thanks for the question. To be clear, Wayspot nominations on military bases are not eligible and should be 1* reviewed as not meeting the Wayfarer criteria.

There were some Wayspots that were previously approved before this ruling went into place, so you may notice some Wayspots on military bases. In order to consider these for removal, we would need to receive a request to remove from a person with the appropriate credentials on the base."

But I can't tell if this was before the criteria refresh. Now I only see the rejection criteria of "Location obstructs the driveways of emergency services or may interfere with the operations of fire stations, police stations, hospitals, military bases, industrial sites, power plants, or air traffic control towers." It doesn't appear to me that a playground would interfere with operations, but I know nothing about military bases. Should I be 1*ing every nomination that has Fort Bragg or Seymour Johnson Air Force Base as the address? And if that is the case, can we get that as a separate line item rejection reason?


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