Title change to specify the POI!

• Title of the Wayspot: Ballspielverein Langendreer 07 e.V

• Location: 51,4759966, 7,3088787

• City: Bochum

• Country: Deutschland/Germany

- I would like to change the title of this wayspot for several reasons! Point 1: Because the Wayspots is not named as a Community Board, due to the current title, further submissons are generalized and assessed as duplicates, although they are not duplicates.

- have already made a request to you in the forum to remove the photos that were rated as duplicates.

- The abbreviation of the name of this football club is "BVL07"

- So the suggested names for this wayspot would be

☆ Infotafel Langendreer 07


☆ Infotafel BVL07

- In theory, it doesn't matter which of the two proposals you choose. The only important thing is that you can differentiate the POI from others and that there are no further overlaps. In addition, the name will then be shorter and easier to read in the portal / PokéStop!



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