Thank you for a great challenge and rewards!

I just wanted to weigh in and say thank you to the Niantic folks in here who got us the upgrade rewards especially. This was the first challenge I participated in and I got my boyfriend to join in as well.

Between the two of us using our upgrades during and after the Challenge we have gotten 20+ quality new poi into the game in our area translating to 9 new gyms in Pokemon Go.

Our area has been neglected for poi generation for years thanks to a spoofing player who makes our town completely unplayable by controlling all the gyms. He used to do it when he lived in town but got arrested for punching another trainer over a gym and then moved away and just spoofs back. Of course we have reported all of his accounts but nothing changes. Local Ingress and Pogo players avoid creating new poi in our town because it "just gives him more gyms to control". But making these new gyms all at once through the Challenge has made it so we can actually play a bit nearby since it's spreading his attention more thinly.

Just thank you again and we are still reviewing to get even more upgrades to keep improving our area.

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