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Please, dear Niantic, this needs to change ! #ineligibilitycriteria

Dear Niantic,

Would it be possible for you to be crystal clear about the inegibility of « nominations whose real-world location appears to be located on private residential property (including farms) » in Wayfarer, please ?

From my experience and by examining the subject on Reddit and others forums, most reviewers are not very familiar with this criteria: the title needs to be more precise, and the full text needs also to be kept consistent between the different rules translations available on Wayfarer.

For example, regarding architectural detail / urban art located at the front of residential buildings in the city centre of big cities:

 -   English: only «private, single-family residential property » should be rejected

 -   Spanish: « una propiedad residencial privada unifamiliar » (the single-family criteria is defined).  

 -   German: « privaten Einfamilienhäusern » (the single-family criteria is defined)

 -   Italian: no mention of « single-family », only « proprietà residenziale privata = private residential properties »

 -   French: no mention of « single-family », only « propriété privée » = private residential properties »

 -   Portuguese (Brazil): no mention of « single-family », only « propriedades residenciais particulares = private residential properties ».

Therefore, not only will most reviewers just read the title of this criteria and will not be aware of the "single-family" part, but depending on their language, the ones reading the full text will be advised differently. This may explain why most reviewers are currently instantly rejecting valid submissions of architectural detail / urban art located at the front of multi-family residential buildings in the centre of big cities.

If I may add, without clarification from your end, in densely populated cities in the world, how do you expect any Waystop to be accepted, if reviewers believe they need to be at a minimum of 40m from any residential building? These reviewers could also be tempted to remove currently available valid Waystops from your games! What would Ingress / Pokémon Go / Wizards Unite be without the architectural wonders displayed on the frontages of Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, New York and so many big and small cities?

So, please Niantic, let us keep enriching the universe of your games with such beautiful Waystops... in the city centre! Please, be crystal clear about this criteria.


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