Upgraded nomination stuck, what can I do?

I've got a nomination submitted on March 20th, it is upgraded, but apparently NOT being reviewed. I have had 16 other nominations submitted AFTER that one make it through - some upgraded, some NOT upgraded. Yet this upgraded one just sits there. Is there some bug or glitch - some reason it's stuck that I can do something about?

The submission is a really awesome location, a very unique restaurant in a quaint tiny village, the exact type of local submission Niantic is looking for. Unfortunately it was one of my earlier nominations, has a less than great photo (really hard to get a good shot of the sign), and I didn't do the best job in my supporting evidence why it absolutely meets the criteria. I've heard that nominations without clear consensus from reviewers can be slower to be decided, but now I'm starting to think something's up. As much as I really want it go to through, at this point even if it's rejected it would at least give me the chance to do a better job resubmitting - but it just sits there glaring at me all the time in my noms list :)

Considering so many of my other noms have gone through since - even without upgrades, logic tells me this is not being seen by anyone at this point and it's just lost in space. Any recourse I can take?



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