Can I get some feedback?

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The pool at a local park underwent a large-scale renovation in 2017 and the Pogo coverage of the area does not reflect the current state of things.

I submitted this nomination and it was rejected for being a photo of a group of people, for a recognizable face, and supporting text does not meet criteria. I don’t know what to do about this, as it’s a public pool, and I don’t have access to the water slides when lifeguards and kids won’t be there. Also, it’s obviously not a photo of a group of people, and does not feature a recognizable face The text, as I stated in the supporting information, is pulled directly from the sign at the bottom of the stairs (the water droplet with a face). Is there a better way to submit or are these slides just not going to make their way in?


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    I would not use a photo with persons in it. Just to go save, at least I wouldnt like getting framed like this. Even though you cant identify the persons.

    Also, maybe take the whole area as the Wayspot and use a sign as the anchor.

    And Stop Writing Like This, Its Not Good.

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    For main photo, I can understand it might be hard to get a chance to take photo when there isn't many people on slide, but maybe you can try to make main photo in different angle (and closer to slide) so there will be less chance you will have anyone face visible on photo. Stairs to slide don't have to be visible on main photo, so maybe make photo more focused on slide without stairs. I think with some tries you will find the best location to take photo that will have much less chance of getting many people on it ;)

    As for the text, you just yourself mentioned in support text why it was rejected: "Text is taken directly from the sign" - it's the reason for your text rejection. You can't copy any text fom anywhere to put in your description, you need to write evrything yourself. Don't copy text directly from the sign. I know you wanted to get funny description, but just write something yourself. It will probably be more boring, but it will be your own words, and won't cause you rejections from text.

    You also mentioned you put pin away from nomination so it will be reachable from outside when park is closed during winter. Don't do that, put location on your nomination. If your pin is not on nomination, reviewers will either move it on your nomination, or just reject for mismatch location (yes, some do that).

    But all in all, I think LukeAllStars-ING advice is good - nominate this area with sign as anchor for POI, you won't get problem with people on photo :)

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    The description is awful and I would 1-star it for not being accurate or relevant description of the nomination. Talk about self-torpedoing descriptions. O_o Second, if the pool already is a Wayspot, I would mark this as a duplicate because it is part of the pool. And yes, you really do need to take a photo where people are not visible. Pools are an especially sensitive when it comes to photographing people that are "nearly ****".

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    I had not considered that people in their swimwear could be considered a state of undress. That is a good tip, especially considering it is children in this case. Thank you.

    As for the description, stops regularly have portions of text from signs, plaques, etc as their descriptions, so I’m surprised to read that it shouldn’t be rewritten in the description, including the capitalization (which I had to work hard to get despite its ugliness). Where is that guideline found?

    The sign at the side of the pool is a wayspot, and a mural in the lobby is a wayspot, but the watery area itself is not. This would have been the first. It’s a pretty big pool, more like a small waterpark; there’s a lap pool, a diving area, a wading pool, a splashing playground, the waterslides, several shade structures, and a main building that features a lobby, changing rooms, a party room for rent, and a snack bar, in addition to the lawn area to the west. Its capacity is several hundred people, and touches 6 or 8 s17 cells, so it definitely can shoulder multiple waypoints.

    The pin was located at the top of the slide, which is the back of the pool area, as opposed to the bottom of the slide, which is too far away from the fence to be accessible for anyone except those with paid admittance and cheaters. It was exactly on the slide, which was clear is one of the Google Map views (the closer view has not been updated since the pool was rebuilt) but the slides have a distance to them that allows for some discretion in the use of the pin. But I suppose I probably don’t need to point that out.

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    I think I would submit a closeup of the HEY KIDS! sign to avoid people in the photo. Your Description Would Also Make Better Sense with the close-up if you really like it and aren't ready to give up on it. (I think it is cute to copy the sign, but put quotes around it to avoid plagiarism rejections.) However, since you have been rejected with a text reason before, I would recommend changing the description to something like, "A pair of fast slides for the adventure seekers with a choice of open or closed flume at the Erb Pool." The supporting photo (or using the original nom photo for that) is good since it includes the sign.

    In the supporting information, do not say anything that sounds like you fudged the pin just to get the Wayspot to show up in Pokemon Go. Reviewers will see where you have pinned it. Also don't mention that it isn't reachable during the winter or you might get a rejection for it being seasonal. I think the pin where you placed it sounds fine. Just say "Meets criteria for exercise and being social. Visible on Maps." And you could include this link: so folks can see it is important to the town. You could also say you submitted the sign as the wayspot photo to avoid getting people in the photo.

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    Those are good tips, thank you. I’ll resubmit with the feedback from this thread.

    Pity that third party photos aren’t allowed, the parks and rec department has a perfect one:

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