Duplicated Portal Submission without an existing portal

Hi Everyone,

I submitted and upgraded a Church, and I pinned the location 18m away from an existing portal. The nomination was accepted, but it didn't show up on any Niantic game. I realized that it was too close to an existing portal (again, 18m away), so I resubmitted the nomination with very similar primary and secondary photos, and the same exact (copy-paste) Title/Description/Supporting Info. The second submission was still in a valid location for the church (Originally I placed it where the sign was, but the second time I placed the pin closer to the entrance of the Church). After upgrading the nomination I received the decision 37.5 hours later, and it came out as a duplicate. The email said that it added the photo to the existing portal, but again, there is no existing portal.

I have two questions here:

Will that Church ever become a live portal? Should I resubmit, this time with different Title/Description/Supporting Info? Or will the portal always be hidden away?

The acceptance of this portal should have triggered the creation of a gym that I designated (via upvotes in pokemon go and Ingress). If I submit another portal to trigger gym creation, will this nonexistent pokestop become a gym (I'm worried about this because the non existent portal now has two pictures, which weighs more than upvotes during gym creation).

Any information can be useful, here! I wasted two upgrades on this nomination, and am really wanting to see it live, as well as my designated gym creation event.




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