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3 Nominations Stuck in the queue/voting for a whole year now

Trainer Name: Trummler12

Total successful Nominations so far: 88 - None of them took significantly longer than a month for any status update as far as I can remember.

If there is any relevant information I should share that would help the 'investigations', please tell me

2 votes

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  • yo, hi. :)

    I have 5 nominations "in Voting" since nearly 2 years (2019-09-07, 2019-09-29, 2019-10-03, 2019-10-20, 2019-12-15) and 3 "in Voting" since 2020.

    If you are living in a big city whit many who send nominations but dont do wayfarer, you are basicly !"*§*$.

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