Didn't Receive any Rewards? Let's Try to Figure Out this Potential Glitch

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I am one of the numerous Wayfinders who didn't receive any rewards for the Russian Wayfarer Challenge despite meeting the reward requirements after they were changed to "Set home location to Russia and reviewed at least one Russian nomination."

When Giffard asked on the original post (the post that is now locked) for the names of the accounts that didn't receive rewards so that he could forward them to the investigation team, I made sure that I provided substantial information so my account would be checked. If the investigation team truly looked through my account and deemed me ineligible for the rewards, then something is glitching on their end. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

The goal of this discussion is for us to provide @NianticGiffard with enough accounts and information to prompt a further investigation into why so many Wayfinders were deemed ineligible for rewards despite us meeting the requirements. If you met the "Set home location to Russia and reviewed at least one Russian nomination" requirement and never received your rewards, I urge you to comment with as much information as you can remember about participating in the Russian Wayfarer Challenge.

Without further ado, here's the information about my experience during the challenge:

Start Time: I started the challenge when there was about a day (or two) and a half remaining.

Home Location: I set my home location to Moscow, Russia for this challenge. This home location change was made during the event. Prior to the challenge, my home location was somewhere in the USA. I think it may be important to mention that I believe I typed in Moscow, Russia into the home location search bar instead of dragging the map to Moscow and then clicking on the city. After setting the home location to Moscow, the green banner for the challenge appeared on Featured Wayspot page, indicating that I was in an area eligible for the event.

Once the challenge was over and I was able to change my home location again, I moved my home location back to my original spot in the USA.

Russian Nominations: During the challenge, I reviewed eight nominations from Russia; most, if not all, of them coming from Moscow. Out of those eight, 5-6 were duplicates and 2-3 were nominations I either gave my blessing to or rejected. One of the duplicate Russian nominations I reviewed appeared to be one of the "glitched" duplicates from a month or so ago where it had the same photo and coordinates of the already existing Wayspot.

Miscellaneous Info (Just in case it helps): I use the Wayfarer+ plugin, have a "Great" Wayfinder rating, and have been reviewing since Pokemon GO players have been able to review.

If I can remember anymore information that may be of use, I'll be sure to edit this post. I strongly urge Niantic to further investigate this issue. If this glitch is left unchecked, you will be potentially dealing with the same issue (and backlash) again and again for any future challenges until it gets fixed.

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    I got the rewards, I joined a few days into the event but before the initial challenge was met.

    I forget where I set my location, but I got Russian nominations to review. Saw my agreement percentage go up while doing some.

    My rating was "Great" as well throughout the event.

    I have a theory that people with a "Poor" rating at the time of the event might be the people who have not received the rewards. If their ratings don't count towards an agreement for the stop and are just "trying to get out of the doghouse". Could be how Niantic tried to track people getting agreements for the event. Though if there's someone with a poor rating a the time of the event that did receive rewards, that would help disprove this theory.

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    I've had a Great rating for nearly two years now and didn't receive my rewards. I never dropped below Good or dropped into the Red (and was rarely in yellow) back when they have the "Red, Yellow, Green" method of rating. So whatever is going on isn't just affecting those in Poor rating.

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    I did not receive my due rewards.

    Because I wasn't forewarned that a 3rd party plugin would be needed to provide evidence, I didn't have Wayfarer+ to record my activities. So my responses are as best I remember.

    Start Time: June 14th after it got posted in /r/thesilphroad

    Home Location: Moscow, Russia

    Russian Nominations: While reviewing I was offered around 5 nominations to review within Moscow, including some playgrounds, plaques etc. Confirmed via the map they were in Moscow and reviewed them in good faith. I believe I marked one as an obvious duplicate and approved the rest.

    Miscellaneous Info (Just in case it helps): My Wayfarer rating is "poor" and I have no idea why. All my reviewing is done in good faith trying to adhere to Niantic's nebulous guidelines. On this point however, the challenge did not state that reviewers had to achieve or maintain a particular rating, so it should not be considered in the reward criteria "set home location in Russia" and "review nominations in Russia".

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    It's n=2 but two people in the thread who joined right before the end of the event not getting rewards. Another possible lead.

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    I don't use the wayfarer plugin, but as far as I can remember:

    Start Time: June 13th. I might have started reviewing on the 14th, but I informed my friends on 13th (Whatsapp message). So I'll give a "1 day parlay".

    Home Location: Moscow, Russia

    Russian Nominations: Got about 6 reviews from Russia (easily discernable due to the alphabet). One of which was a duplicate.

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    I dont really know how we can help them further. Me and others provided timestamps+coordinates of reviewed wayspots. Just check one of them and will be obvious there is something wrong? Maybe they used the wrong event end date when checking?

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    I reviewed 6 Russian nominations starting on June 11th, a few days before the end of the event. I set my hometown location to somewhere in Moscow; originally, my hometown location was somewhere in Fort Myers, Florida. The information below is for, I think, an accepted Wayspot that I reviewed (it does show up in Intel). I could provide the info to the other Russian Wayspots I reviewed.


    Рыцарь С Мечом


    Рыцарь с мечом

    Review Date

    Fri Jun 11 2021 22:17:26 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

    Approximate Coordinates:

    55.71205281932981, 37.37321762985046

    It does sound like a lot of us who had an issue were reviewing in Moscow. Perhaps it's a cause, or maybe just a coincidence.

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    I joined towards the tail end of the event, after the double bonuses were announced, and reviewed a couple dozen POIs. However I didn't receive any rewards.

    My partner also joined me in reviewing at the same time, but got the upgrades.


    -Both joined at the tail end, within an hour or so of each other.

    -Both used Google login.

    -We both had our hometown location set to Moscow, Russia. We even saw some of the same reviews

    -We both have approved POIs in game and have recently earned upgrades. Our rankings were thus Good or Great, not poor.


    -They have a higher review count than me.

    -I also have an account in both Ingress and Pokemon Go, whereas they only have an account in Pokemon Go.

    -I also have "Let my Friends see when I last played Niantic Games" and "Let my Friends see my usernames from all Niantic Games" unchecked (I'm a privacy nut) whereas my partner has it all enabled.

  • Meggilu-PGOMeggilu-PGO Posts: 10 ✭✭

    Start Time: June 13th when I saw a post about the event on Reddit. I searched my history and have proof of that date and a comment I made in reply to that post asking about when the rewards are given.

    Home Location: I set me home location to Moscow, Russia on June 13th right after learning about the event. Then after the event was over I swapped my home location back to the USA.

    Russian Nominations: I know I did a bunch of playgrounds, I remember thinking one was a duplicate because the style was the same to a nearby one but it was an actual similar playground nearby. I reviewed a few plaques on buildings I remember looking up translations of what some of them said, and I remember specifically there were some spots at a military museum.

    Misc Info: I know I had at least a "good" reputation during the event, now I have "great". I remember checking to see if my home point was set since it took a few reviews before getting some Russian ones but I definitely did while the event was happening.


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    It does sound like a lot of us who had an issue were reviewing in Moscow. Perhaps it's a cause, or maybe just a coincidence.

    I also haven't received rewards yet. I commented multiple times on the original thread. My hometown location was set to Moscow, Russia. I changed my hometown location on June 11th, and reviewed 6 Russian nominations on June 11th (still a few days before the end of the challenge). My original hometown location was Fort Myers, Florida, and my hometown location has been reset to that.

    Below are screenshots from Wayfarer+. I believe the Wayspot pictured was accepted (it does show up in Intel, and I figure that's what the green dot represents, but I'm not sure of that). The other screenshot shows most of my other reviews (there is another now shown that is northeast of Moscow).

    Niantic, I would really like to see this be made right. I understand there can be coding difficulties, and I empathize for @NianticGiffard and the developers' efforts to get this fixed. I know it might not feel right to just dish out the rewards to those accounts not showing as eligible, but please consider it. We reviewers do deserve these rewards because we put in the effort. If I'm not mistaken, not a large part of the playerbase are reviewers, so those of us who do review (even occasionally) are important and should be taken care of, especially since we help support the infrastructure of this game. Niantic, please help us out.

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    I reviewed 6 Russian nominations starting on June 11th, a few days before the end of the event. I set my hometown location to somewhere in Moscow; originally, my hometown location was somewhere in Fort Myers, Florida. I believe the below screenshot is of a Russian Wayspot I reviewed that was accepted (it does show up in Intel).

    It does sound like a lot of us who had an issue were reviewing in Moscow. Perhaps it's a cause, or maybe just a coincidence.

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    Alright, let's add my data to the pool!

    Start Time: I started the challenge on the June 14, at around 3 pm GMT+2.

    Home Location: I set my home location to Moscow, Russia for the challenge right when I started reviewing on the 14th. After the challenge ended and I read that it was safe to move the home location again, I set it to my current location in Germany. I didn't click on the Featured Wayspots page, so I am unaware if the green banner on top of the page appeared.

    Russian Nominations: Below is the list of Russian nominations, I've reviewed during the challenge, complete with name, timestamp and coordinates. If necessary, I can attach screenshots as well, but I don't want to clutter the thread too much.

    1: Футуристичный Спортивный Комплекс - Mon Jun 14 2021 16:33:49 GMT+0200 - @55.918738,37.816919

    2: Якоря МГАВТ - Mon Jun 14 2021 16:41:16 GMT+0200 - @55.685855,37.692829

    3: 1914 Год - Mon Jun 14 2021 21:07:35 GMT+0200 - @55.724059,37.6342

    4: 45-мм противотанковая пушка - Tue Jun 15 2021 13:15:18 GMT+0200 - @55.755694,37.618865

    5: Два дома - Tue Jun 15 2021 20:49:31 GMT+0200 - @55.746927,37.600252

    Miscellaneous Info My Wayfarer rating is "Great" and it also was during and before the challenge. I am using the Wayfarer+ plugin, so I am able to verify the nominations I've reviewed above. I started reviewing in Wayfarer in early 2020 with my eligible PoGO account and my agreement rate is at 67%.

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    I changed my home location to Moscow on June 11 and began reviewing and recieved the green banner that indicated I was part of the challenge.

    I see at least 5 russian views in my Wayfarer+ history.

    On June 16, I changed back to my regular home location.

    My Wayfarer standing has ben 'Great' before, during and after the challenge.

    From above comments, clearly the Niantic Wayfarer team has an issue related to people that began the challenge on or after June 11 when the rewards were increased.

  • MatildaWolf-PGOMatildaWolf-PGO Posts: 23 ✭✭✭

    So far, all nine people who have come forward with information had their home location set to Moscow, Russia. Maybe it's possible to overload an area with reviewers? Moscow most likely had the most reviewers since that's the first city that many of us non-Russians think of when thinking about Russia.

  • GearGlider-PGOGearGlider-PGO Posts: 1,334 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I mean, who didn't set their location to or near Moscow? It's Russia's most well known city and was the most reccomended place to set your home location in order to get reviews quick. A lot of people warned against setting it elsewhere since so many people were unable to get russian reviews from less urban areas.

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  • Hotstriker9-PGOHotstriker9-PGO Posts: 12 ✭✭

    I changed my home town to Moscow late in the event and reviewed 2 locations from Moscow one was a playground the other a statue. Don’t have other info but made a privacy request for all data niantic has pertaining to my wayfarer account so we will see.

  • SteveJobs969-PGOSteveJobs969-PGO Posts: 26 ✭✭

    I set my location to Moscow as did 99% of you. I reviewed a playground or 2, and what appeared to be a decommissioned anti-air gun that was in front of some sort of military recruitment center or social club. I am 100% sure I met the criteria to receive the rewards.

  • SteveJobs969-PGOSteveJobs969-PGO Posts: 26 ✭✭

    I changed my location to Moscow like most of you, I reviewed a few stops, most notably playgrounds and I vividly recall reviewing a decommissioned piece of military equipment that looked like a anti-aircraft gun that was in front of a Military recruitment center or something adjacent to the military at least. I know I did this. Niantic says otherwise, though. Interesting.

  • EBoy2424-PGOEBoy2424-PGO Posts: 29 ✭✭

    I started on the 15th, set my home address to russia and reviewed several stops. No in game or wayfarer rewards.

  • CheshireCat49-PGOCheshireCat49-PGO Posts: 23 ✭✭

    I set my home location to Moscow, Russia & reviewed at least ten Nominations there. Several were playgrounds or statues. Rejected a few that were at private residences. Should have received the rewards

  • CometStarfall-PGOCometStarfall-PGO Posts: 15 ✭✭

    I set my bonus location to Moscow on June 14th. I was able to review 4-5 spots, most of which were playgrounds or decommissioned military equipment in these little museum/park areas. Received no rewards in POGO or Wayfarer : /

  • Embrio1970-PGOEmbrio1970-PGO Posts: 45 ✭✭

    Still no Upgrades or Rewards.

    HOME-Location changed to Moscow, during event. Reviewed numerous waypoints from Russia DURING event.

    This is absurd!

    Give us at least our upgrades! Don't care about the ingame rewards!

    With this upgrades we would improve the playability of ALL YOUR games. Ingress, PoGo, HPWU and at least your Database to offer for other Games/Developers... Sorry, i just don't get it🤷‍♂️

  • sophielab-INGsophielab-ING Posts: 266 ✭✭✭✭

    It was advertised as a collaborative event. Collaboration means that you work together for a goal. They may have intended for only those you joined before the goal was met to receive rewards.

  • markaIIen-PGOmarkaIIen-PGO Posts: 7 ✭✭

    No rewards or upgrades. Set location to Moscow and did about 5 reviews from around there, 1 was a duplicate don't remember the others. Great rating before and after reviewing. Didn't note agreement number beforehand but they were pretty easy decisions probably got at least 3-4. Time wise it was probably in the last week of the event. Home location is still set to russia, and I'm able to change it back.

  • LfcVish1-PGOLfcVish1-PGO Posts: 41 ✭✭

    Vive le reistance

  • DTFxlb-INGDTFxlb-ING Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Can people weigh in with their settings for:

    -"Let my Friends see when I last played Niantic Games"

    -"Let my Friends see my usernames from all Niantic Games"

    Depending on implementation, it may have blocked the wayfarer team from being able to view who reviewed what, and assign us reward eligibility

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