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Nomination from different countries

Pelski-INGPelski-ING Posts: 77 ✭✭

Since this week I noticed that I’m getting a lot of nomination from other countries then where I live. I live in the center of The Netherlands and that is marked as my home location. The secondairy location is still in India since the challenge.

Normally when I do 100 reviews maybe 1 or 2 will be from Germany, and that is fine, I can skip those. Or they are good portals that dan be easy accepted.

Starting this week I’m getting more like a 1 out of every 3 reviews is from another country, and besides Germany there also Belgium and France. While in Belgium we have a part of the country with the same language, the other part speaks France. The same for France, they speak France ofcourse.

This is making it very hard to review portals as I have limited German skills, and no France skills. With only 3 skips a day it makes you either stop review or “guess” what the desciption says. When you look at the Telegram chats, and my own submissions there is still a big list of nomination in The Netherlands itself, so can Wayfarer again show me nominations from my own country, or maybe the dutch speaking part of Belgium, but not start showing me portals 600km away in countries with a totally different language like it used to be?

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