Removal appeal "Eglise St Etienne"

TItle of the Wayspot: Eglise St Etienne

Location: 46°59'30.4''N 3°09'52.9''E / 46.991787, 3.164685 (approximatively)

City: Nevers

Country: France

(not my screenshot, it shows where the POI was)

I can't go there myself and take pictures because of health issues, but you should easily be able to see on Google Maps or anything you'll use that the Church is here. It's kinda hard to miss you know haha!

Apparently it got removed because one guy was reporting it as invalid for weeks, maybe months, because he was in conflict with a guy who often took down the gym (as it's a gym in PoGo) so out of saltiness he wanted the gym to be removed. If it's true, which is probably the case because the guy himself said that he did it, I hope you'll sanction him for his childish and abusive behavior. 🙂



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