I think we should all just boycott wayfarer once and for all!

Yes ofcourse I am saying this out of frustration and anger, due to not getting rewards. I too participated in the Russia challenge and have not recieved anything. I only did this to get the upgrades to add pokestops to areas that desperately need it. The thing is I feel like Niantic keeps getting away with everything and we end up being the big losers. We put in all this effort to nominate and review, spending our own valuable time for what? A game that they are profiting from. We get absolutely nothing and there will always be those who will continue to do their dirty work. We need to hit them where it hurts and show them that we aren't happy with their misconduct and blatant abuse of their community. We never made the rules for the challenge they did! and now they want to sweep it under the rug. The downside is those who did get rewards continue to do their work for them, so niantic couldn't care less about those who didn't get a thing. I'm so annoyed with Niantic for many reasons but this just makes me even more upset because I put years into their game and so many hours into doing reviews. Really you guys should be ashamed of yourselves!


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