What is your opinion on this ?

Hi everyone,

Once again a little disappointment for me as my latest upgraded nomination was rejected…

As I would like to be more accurate for the next ones, I would love to have feedbacks on why this one was rejected ?

The explanations given in the email were just nonsense so it will be definitely more interesting to ask you guys.

Translation below 👇🏼

Title : Old Borough Plaque/Sign

Description : 19th century plaque/sign indicating the location of « Place de La Chapelle ». According to the plans of the time, a small chapel was to be built there but it never saw the light of day ... There is also mention of an old district system.

Additional information : This very old plaque/sign is really interesting and would allow some to discover a little more about the history of the city of Nantes. The district system has in fact disappeared today. The center of the square (Place de La Chapelle) is completely pedestrianized, and there are passages to access it. (18 Mph area)

Mail : Your application is rejected for the following reason: The proposal was flagged because it targeted other players with the aim of insulting, ridiculing, trolling or harassing them (??????), The proposal does not meet the validation criteria , The actual location of the proposition appears to have explicit or inappropriate activity.

Let me know what you think ! 👌🏼


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