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Title of the Wayspot: Lotsenturm

Location: 54.201792,13.76981

City: Ruden

Country: Germany

This is getting a little complicated now.

The island is open to the public and there are guided tours for tourists.

There are 2 towers on the island. The "Lotsenturm" and the "Messturm". Both towers can be clearly seen on the satellite view.

The "Lotsenturm" is located at the coordinates "54.204738, 13.769948" and the "Messturm" is located at the coordinates "54.201792,13.76981".

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: The problem is simple. The existing portal has photos of both towers. The portal is definitely worth seeing and should definitely remain in the network. But the "Lotsenturm" is not where the portal is, because the "Messturm" is where the portal is. Therefore, the portal should be moved to the correct location and the last photo should be removed. Please note that a friend of mine recently sent in a photo of the "Messturm" during his visit today.


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